things students say – adoption

After working with teenagers for almost 9 years I’ve been privileged to have thousands of conversations on just about anything you can imagine. I realize recently that as profound and insightful as teenagers can be at times, they can also be just as awkward, unfiltered, and flat out hilarious without even trying. Time with students is never void of laughter.

In light of that I thought I’d periodically share some of the things they say so you can laugh as well.

Today’s edition – things students say about adoption (because my wife and I recently adopted).

So here we go:

  • Student: “Oh cool! You got a new baby.” Me: “Yep, we sure did.” Student looks at Micah and pauses for a second then says, “Wait… he’s black? I didn’t realize your wife was black! She’s a pretty light skinned black person.”
  • Student: “Oh wow! He’s so awesome. When did you bring him home?” Me: “About five days ago but we couldn’t really tell anyone until now.” Student: “Oh cool. So… where’s he from? Like where did you get him?” Me: “He’s from here in Arkansas. He’s domestic.” Student: “Oh awesome. Homegrown… sort of like potatoes.”
  • Student: “Adam, you are so racist.” Another student: “Umm… he’s not racist. Haven’t you seen his baby? Hello.”

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