the next generation church (part 4)

The church will be missional.

Previous generations have been marked by beliefs. (Check out the history of evangelicalism and fundamentalism in America for example)

Now… beliefs are a dime a dozen. This generation has seen just about every variety of spiritual belief one could ever imagine. And for the most part, their experience is that the “older generation” doesn’t really live out what they believe.

The next generation church won’t be constructed of the same model as the previous generation. It will be an atmosphere where instead of asking people to do believe what you believe, you will be inviting people to do what you do.

In other words, the “on ramp” to salvation experiences might be on Sunday mornings anymore. Instead, it will occur more frequently when Christian and non-Christian serve alongside each other at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or orphanage in Africa.

The church, under the leadership of this generation, will become more globally focused. The church will become more cause oriented. The church will be more missionaly-minded… and this will attract people.

It will be a faith lived, not a faith believed.

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