the next generation church (part 3)

The church will be conversational.

More than any other generation in history, this generation grew up saturated with technology. They grew up on the internet. They grew up with cell phones. They grew up with DVR’s and all those other fancy things that previous generations only dreamed about. Their lives are saturated with technology.

Hence their label – “the digital generation.”

However, despite all the technology and “online conversation,” this generation is desperately craving intimate relationships. Their the only generation that can say they have 1,000 Facebook friends or Instagram followers, but still not feel like anyone really knows them.

While the next generation church will probably strive to continue being “cool” and “relevant”, the key ingredient is that it will be a conversational church. Conversation will matter. Stories will matter. Relationships will matter. Intimacy will matter. Transparency will matter.

Here’s what you might find:

  • Less structured programmed environments and more organic relational environments
  • Fewer mega-churches and more multi-site models with smaller relational hubs
  • A less “polished” look on Sundays
  • A resurrection of church pot-luck dinners? Perhaps…

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