the next generation church (part 2)

Here’s a couple more generic observations:

  • For this generation, black and white doesn’t really exist anymore – their world is gray. Instead of the saying being, “The Bible says it so I believe it!” the saying will be, “What is true for me may not be true for you.”
  • Their potential hasn’t been fully leveraged. In previous generations there was this sense that you had to “grow” into maturity in the church. The saying was, “Your the church of the future!” This generation however, more than any other, has the potential to be actively engaged and instrumental in the restorative work of the church now – their potential just hasn’t been leveraged. They are incredibly under-challenged and overly labeled.
  • This generation is the most cause-driven, mission-minded generation in history. They are a generation that is searching for a cause. They’re looking for something – anything – worthwhile that they can live for. When they find that cause, they’ll go to extreme measures to make a difference.

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