the next generation church (part 1)

Unless Jesus returns first, the junior high and high school students that fill our student ministries today will be the leaders of the church in 15 years. They will be the groundbreakers. The innovators. They will be the earth shakers.

Here are some general observations about this future generation that will be leading our churches:

  • The world that they live in is smaller than ever before but their perspective on the world is bigger than ever before. Unlike any other generation in history, technology has positioned them to be globally connected with people, places, and ideas instantly. As Thomas Friedman said, “Their world is flat.” For them, thinking globally is like second-nature.
  • Their definition of a “friend” is broader than any previous generation in history. In the past, a friend was someone you hung out with. For this generation, a friend can be someone you’ve never met outside of the digital world. For them, community will look entirely different.
  • They are experience-oriented. While previous generations (especially boomers) valued and accumulated possessions, this generation values and accumulates experiences.

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